Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What the fuck !!

Noopur is frustrated, actually angry.

This is the time of the year where 60% of the bell curve are angry. We work in a large, really large bank where we have formulas and geometrical curves to decide on ratings to reflect how we worked the whole fucking year. Only 20% of the many thousands of workers would get the top two ratings. The next 60% are mediocre and last 20% will be probably asked to leave.

I am sitting with Noopur in the canteen trying to listen to her ranting about how can she get a rating of 3, which is just average. Someone told me that when a girl is angry, you should just listen to her.

I too wonder... wtf, she did perform well. She got all the new projects. She even got a junior before all of us.

It was 7PM and time to go home. I could not leave Noopur alone when she is so depressed and angry. I decided to drop her to the hostel.

Life is so unfair, man. She actually worked hard.

Noopur sure has the guts. Next morning when I enter the office, I see Noopur arguing with our super boss with full gusto. I am sure she has all the arguments to fight for a better rating. I know for certainty that she can argue more convincingly with someone who she thinks is a loser and an irresponsible jerk.

Suddenly it struck me that once I was pissed off with Noopur for her ambitious mean self and I had mentioned that to our super boss..


  1. wow! it takes a man with balls of steel to admit that. And this is a public forum. If noopur reads your post, I'm preety sure she will understand eventually and forgive you - but that depends on how her ranting with the super boss turns out...

  2. Hi colonel.. its just fiction. Happy that you thought its real. cheers.

    Happy New Year!

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